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Group Rides

Note: Just below this section is a listing of rides where you can Give Us a Try before joining the club. We strongly suggest you first read all about our Group Rides below.
SCBC Cycling Group SCBC Cycling Group Rides are led by experienced volunteer ride leaders. Depending upon the type of ride, it may also have a sweep. A sweep is another volunteer who rides at the back of the group to assist riders who might encounter mechanical problems, become fatigued, or begin to separate from other cyclists. The ride leader may also include regrouping stops at various times along the way depending upon the type of ride.
Once a member, and before a ride, you use your computer (or cellphone) to register for a ride. Important information such as your name, cell phone number, emergency contact phone number and license plate number are stored in a database when you join. This information will be available to the Ride Leader if needed. You will also be able to download a cue sheet (which describes the turns in the route), and a route map (if one is available), along with Ride with GPS navigation or if needed, a .gpx formatted file.
Before leaving the starting location, the leader discusses safety, which includes reminding people to obey traffic laws and the use of hand signals and vocal warnings. You can read about what is expected of all our riders in regard to safety by reviewing the Road and Trail Rules.
SCBC Cycling Group SCBC Cycling Group Rides usually meet in commuter parking lots off the Merritt Parkway or I-95 and at other convenient locations, such as schools. The routes are a closed loop, returning to the starting point. Longer rides include a stop where food can be purchased, while shorter rides generally include a break for snacks and may be followed by lunch.
While many of our rides are located in lower Fairfield County, we also offer a number of out-of-area rides all over Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York State.
In addition to the road rides, Sound Cyclists conducts off-road rides throughout the year. Some of these rides require the use of mountain bikes, while those with hybrid bikes can use their bicycles in areas with milder terrain.
The most popular off-road areas in Fairfield County are the Pequonnock Valley in Trumbull, highlighted by a former railroad bed now converted to a multi-use trail, Huntington State Park in Redding, which has wide trails across varying terrain, and the Mianus River Gorge in Stamford, which offers challenging single-track. Other popular mountain biking destinations include Macedonia State Park in Kent, the reservoir trails in West Hartford, and Minnewaska State Park Preserve, outside New Paltz, New York.

Give Us a Try

Below is a small sampling of rides we offer to the public. It is a great way to try out club rides and riding with a group. When joining one of these rides, you must let the Ride Leader know you are not a member yet and provide him or her with your contact information since you cannot do that as a non member.


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Reporting Bad Roads

If you see dangerous road conditions within the State of Connecticut while out riding, click here to report the condition. It is important to know that this link is for reporting state road conditions only. These are roads with route numbers. Report bad town road conditions directly to the appropriate town.

Safety and Other Issues

Bike HelmetSound Cyclists promotes safe biking and starts each ride with a brief review of safe riding procedures. All cyclists are required to wear ANSI-, SNELL- or CPSC-approved helmets during any club ride.
For specific state laws on bicycling in Connecticut, click here to download a PDF.
If you are also interested in the state bicycling laws in New York, click here.
To view a short graphical safety guide with references to New York State law related to cycling, click here.

Winter Training Program

There are several important things to consider when embarking on a winter training program: What to wear riding in cold weather; principles of winter training; programs for core strength; programs for nutrition and weight loss; and also how to avoid injury! If you were unable to attend the seminars in the past, view the presentations listed below.