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Sound Cyclists Newsletter 2001-2010

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Long before we had a website and our Zoho ride scheduling system, and various other means of communicating with our members, we had a paper newsletter. The original Sound Cyclists newsletters that were published was back in the 80s and 90s were produced on a word processor and old computer equipment and the output was sent to a printer – not a laser printer but a traditional offset printer. After the printing process was completed, the printer created labels and mailed the newsletter to the membership each month. We've made many of these newsletters available in PDF format below for you to look through.
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Getting the rides calendar in the hands of the membership was quite a challenge because ride information had to be gathered up well in advance of the printing date. There was no way of getting last minute information to the members once the printing started.
From the best of our recollection, the first major overhaul and redesign of the newsletter first appeared in December of 1993 (top left). These black and white issues continued to be mailed to the membership up until September, 2005.
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In October of 2005 the newsletter saw another major redesign (middle right), which contained interactive links, and was distributed electronically to members by using a password to access the newsletter in PDF form to download. For its final year, there were slight design changes (bottom left) and the last issue was published for December-January 2010.