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Membership has it's Privileges

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Once a month each member will receive in their E-mail box the Monthly Newsletter. The information in the newsletter doesn't preclude some of the information you will find on the website. It's a convenient publication that you can read right from your E-mail.
Sign Up Form
Once you become a member of Sound Cyclists, you will have immediate access to the Ride Schedule. Access to the schedule requires logging in with the User Name and Password you created when you joined. You can click on the illustration to the right to bring up the form. This is one of a few places where you will need to log in. Those other places will be Special Events requiring an RSVP and/or payment or accessing your membership account. All other information contained in this area does not require signing in. Click here for details.
Ride with GPS Logo
As a member you will also have access to the SCBC/RWGPS system. This is a special licensed Ride with GPS version exclusive for members only and it turns your free, basic RWGPS app into a premium version when you set up and log into this special account. Just note, this is a totally separate account from the general membership Sign In area. Click here for details.
Ride News
We also strongly encourage all members to join Ride News. This is a forum where Ride Leaders can communicate to the riders the status of any of their rides. Rides can get cancelled at the last minute or added at the last minute and you'll want to be informed. Click here for details.
So let's get started.

Ride Schedule Access

There is a Sign In button on the Home page and on every page in this Members Information section. When you click on this button you will have to Sign In. The Ride Schedule has three different views: Mobile, List and Calendar. All these can be viewed on mobile devices, laptop and desktop computers. The Calendar View gives you an overview of what has been listed to date for each of the days of the month. Be aware that rides are always being added so the monthly view doesn't necessarily reflect all the rides for that month.
The List View displays the rides in a list order and grouped by day. Here you will have to scroll to the day of the week to see the rides in that grouping. You do have the ability to sort the list by ride pace(s) to filter out and only display the rides your are interested in.
The Mobile View is perhaps the more popular method due to the quickness of finding and pre registering for a ride. You are first presented with a choice of paces. This helps quickly sort out only what you are looking for. Once you make your selection, only that pace ride is displayed. When you click on a specific ride, general information is displayed for that ride. You can have more detailed info E-mailed to you and you can quickly register for the ride with a click.

Using the Ride Scheduling System

All members are required to pre-register for a ride. This gives the Ride Leader a heads up about how many riders to expect and can plan accordingly. If you change your mind, you can always go back into the system and unregister. Conversely, if you decide to show up at a ride the last minute, you can register right up to the last minute before the ride starts. Registering before the ride provides the RIde Leader with all your emergency contact information. IMPORTANT: You can only pre register for a ride using Mobile View or List View.
Now that you know how to access the system and know about the three different views, the example below will take you through the simple steps of registering for a ride using the Mobile View as an example.
Here's a great short cut: Once you get to the Landing Page, bookmark it on your computer or phone as a favorite. This way one click will take you directly to the Ride Scheduling System bypassing the website, not only for pre-registering for a ride but for Ride Leaders to schedule their rides. Just note that you will have to log into the system for accessing the rides.
Once you're on the Landing Page, look for and select Ride Schedule – Mobile. Although the title suggests this choice only works from a mobile device, it also works for any desktop, laptop or tablet and is the easiest way to pre register for a ride.
Pre-Registration Instructions
Pre-Registration Instructions
To cancel your ride registration, go back thru all the steps to access the Rides menu and find the ride you registered for. You'll see the notation that You are already pre-registered for this ride. Below that, Register Me For The Ride has been replaced with Cancel My Pre-Registration. Follow Step 6 below to cancel:
Pre-Registration Instructions


Ride with GPS Logo
Ride with GPS navigation is a great way to be assured you will stay on course during a ride. It's great to know when the next turn is coming and being alerted when you make a wrong turn. As a fully paid member, you will have access to the Sound Cyclists licensed account with Ride with GPS, that turns a free, basic RWGPS app into a premium version, giving you many extra features like turn-by-turn audio and/or visual directions. Upon becoming a member, you should have receive a link to a special web page to start the process of setting this up. If you missed getting that link, contact to request the link to this special page.
Ride with GPS Button
On this special page you will see a button that looks like this for setting up an account. When you click on the button, you will be taken to a Ride with GPS login box.
Ride with GPS Sign Up Box
This particular login box is connected to the club's account. Since you will be doing this for the first time, you need to Sign Up (not Sign in) to set up an account. This is a completely separate login account from your SCBC membership account but we recommend that you simply set up this account using the same ID and PW you use for signing in to the club's Ride Schedule so it's easy to remember.
PDF Icon
Once your have a free Ride with GPS app downloaded to your phone, you may find it a daunting task trying to figure out yet another app. To make it easy to understanding the process of how to use this great navigational tool, we have provided a simple tutorial for you. Click here or on the icon to download the tutorial.

Ride News

Ride with GPS Logo
Ride Leaders having the ability to communicate with their riders is essential. We do have a way for a Ride Leader to cancel a ride on the Ride Schedule but that would require riders to recheck the calendar often to see if there is a change in status of the ride they were planning to do. But a Ride Leader might need to convey more information to their riders and that's where Ride News comes in.
We try to encourage all our members to set up an account with Ride News if you want to stay informed. This is yet another account separate from the membership sign in and we suggest when setting up an account, use the same log in ID and password to make it easy to remember. All you need to do is go to the Ride News page and in the upper right corner of the frame of the forum, click on Sign up.

Membership Renewal, Rejoining or Adding a Household Member

Important Note: If you had not renewed your membership by March 1, 2023, then you must now rejoin the club as if you were signing up for the first time. This means you need to recreate your User ID (the E-mail address you used before) and a password, which can be the same one you used before. DO NOT USE THIS FORM HERE! Go to the Join SCBC page and use the form there.
Sign Up Form
Membership is for a calendar year, with memberships expiring on December 31st. You will need to renew your membership to access the site after January of following year.
If you joined the club on or after October 1st, your membership is good through the end of the following year (basically 3 months plus the full following year).
Follow these instructions if you already have a membership but need to set up your on-line access. For example:
  • You purchased a full membership at the same time you registered for the Bloomin' Metric®
  • You are an Additional Household Member on someone else's account and your E-mail ID was added to that account, and you want your own individual online access
  • You are a returning member after a lapse in your membership and your ID is no longer working
Go to the Sign Up form by clicking here or on the little Sign Up form.
You are NOT creating a new club membership, all you will be doing is creating a new login ID. You will then be creating a new password for the E-mail address you used when your membership was first created.
After you go through the process to create your password, you will be taken to our Landing Page. If you used the E-mail address you gave us when your membership was first created, you should see the standard menu of activities you can perform such as viewing the Ride Calendar. From this point on you will be using the regular Sign In form that you can see at the top of this page.

Changing Your Membership ID

STEP 1: Go to the Sign Up form by clicking here or on the little Sign Up form in this section immediately above.
STEP 2: You are NOT creating a new club membership, all you will be doing is creating a new login ID with a new E-mail address. You will also be creating a new password for the new E-mail address you want to use.
STEP 3: After you go through the process to create your password, you will be taken to our the Landing Page. On the Landing Page, you will see a couple of different options, one of which is "If you are a returning member but used a different E-mail address for your membership"
Sign Up Form
STEP 4: Enter the old E-mail address you originally used for your membership and your zip code. Then click on the box that says Search for My Member Record. Follow the instructions it gives you when it finds your record.

Code of Conduct


As a member in good standing I will:
  • Have a bicycle in good working condition including functioning brakes.
  • Wear a helmet whenever riding.
  • Obey all applicable safety and cycling laws and use approved hand signals for turns, slowing and stopping.
  • Come prepared to group rides to be self-sufficient.
  • Not ride with headphones.
  • Not ride with aerobars.
  • Always move completely off the road when stopped.
  • Ride predictably and communicate my intent to other riders.
  • Not cross or overlap wheels with another cyclist unless passing.
  • Not ride under the influence of any substance that impairs my abilities.
  • Respect the ride leader's instructions, andnotify the Ride Leader if I leave a group ride.


As a member in good standing I will:
  • Recognize that as a participant in club activities that I represent the Sound Cyclists Bicycle Club to other cyclists, government officials and the general public.
  • Avoid confrontation with motorists, other cyclists or pedestrians even if they are in the wrong.
  • Arrive early enough to leave at the scheduled time.

Good Sportsmanship

As a member in good standing I will:
  • Respect other cyclists even if they are not Sound Cyclists Club members.
  • Refrain from the use of foul language, obscene gestures, physical or verbal abuse or malicious actions towards any person and/or any lewd behavior.
This code cannot comprehensively address all possible scenarios. Rather it should function as a standard of behaviors implemented along with common sense and the principle of what a reasonable person would do in a similar situation. It is the intent of the Sound Cyclists Bicycle Club to promote good will and safety for all.

Sound Cyclists By-Laws

PDF IconSound Cyclists Bicycle Club follows specific guidelines expressed in its By-Laws. Click here or on the icon to download the By-Laws.

Membership Card

In order to participate in the Bike Shop Program, you must have proof that you are a member of Sound Cyclists Bicycle Club and present it to participating bike shops. Print it out and trim the card so you can carry it in your wallet when visiting the shops. Remember to print your name and sign the card. You can find the card in the membership portal once you have signed-in as a member.

Membership Forms

Sheet

PDF IconWe require all members to sign in electronically. However, you might have riders that show up on your ride who have not registered or might be experiencing a technical problem logging in. Also, we offer non members a way to test a ride before joining the club. In these cases, you will need to download and print out a sign-in sheet where you can capture the person's name, signature, cell number and emergency contact information. Click here or on the icon to download the form.

Parental Sign-In Waiver

PDF IconIf you have an under-age rider that you would like to participate in a club ride you will need to complete a parent/guardian waiver. It is up to the ride leader's discretion to allow unaccompanied under age riders to join a ride. Click here or on the icon to download the form.

Photo Release Form

PDF IconIf you are so inclined to photograph a fellow rider and there is a possibility you may want it posted on our Website in conjunction with an article, you must get permission from the people you photograph. You can get a release form by clicking here or on the icon.

Reimbursement Form

PDF IconIf you have purchased something out of your own pocket for the club and have been authorized to do so, click here or on the icon and use this form to be reimbursed. Please make sure you save all your receipts.


Sound Cyclists has insurance protection through the League of American Bicyclists insurance program. Members participating in club rides and registered participants in Special Events (such as the Bloomin Metric®) have:
  • Accident Medical Coverage: $10,000 per person per accident excess of a $500 per claim deductible and excess of any other valid and collectable insurance.
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment: $5,000 per person per accident.
E-mail IconIn addition the club maintains General Liability and Directors and Officers coverage. Ride leaders (who must be paid-up members) are included under the General Liability coverage. If you would like to file a medical claim for an accident, Please click here or on the icon to contact Insurance Coordinator.