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Ride Leaders

PDF IconSo, you want to become a ride leader? Do you want to learn more about it? Click here or on the icon to view and download the Ride Leader Guide. You will be provided with plenty of information when planning to become a ride leader or a great refresher for experienced ride leaders.

Ride Leader Incentive Program

The purpose of the Ride Leader Incentive Program is to recognizes and rewards club members for their on-going efforts to lead or sweep rides. The program offers points to reward people in accordance with their effort during the year. Below you will find all the details of the Ride Leader Incentive Program.


This program specifically excludes other shorter-term efforts that are rewarded by attendance and recognition at the Volunteer Appreciation Party, specifically the Bloomin' Metric®. Further, it would be difficult to quantify the point value of various jobs related to these events.


Sound Cyclists VouchersThe Ride Leader Incentive Program offers points to reward people in accordance with their effort during the year. The more effort people make; the more points they receive. More than one person can receive leader points and sweep points for a ride, but only when it is prearranged at the start to break into different groups.
To take part in the Incentive Program, Ride Leader must attend or refresh Ride Leader training session every year. Every other year the RL must have face to face RL training; in the alternate year, the RL may review the RL Training PowerPoint deck.

Basic Points

Sweeps are awarded the same number of points as ride leaders. The difficulty of sweeping is equal in weight to leading a ride. To receive sweep credit a ride must have at least four total riders signed in (including the leader and the sweep). Sweeps for ride levels C+ through E are awarded the same number of points as the ride leaders.
Ride Leaders no longer need to upload or mail in the sign in sheets after a ride, nor do you need to list the names of the riders on your ride. To get credit for leading the ride, ride leaders must complete their post ride information on the Ride Scheduling System after a ride with average speed, number of riders, etc. The rides must have this post-ride information updated by December 31 of that current ride year to qualify for incentives.

Point System Basic Points

Ride Leader: 2 points
Sweep: 2 points.
Cancellations (due to inclement weather): 2 points (ride needs to be officially cancelled)

Other Points

Leading a ride which is entirely out-of-Fairfield county: 3 points
Create a new route with a cue sheet: 2 points
Mentors get 3 points, one extra point to mentor in addition to points for the ride. The mentee will also get credit for the ride.


An out-of-county ride is one where the ride is totally out of Fairfield County and has a destination or attraction linked to it: Shelter Island Shuttle, West Point Ride, etc. An out-of-county ride must be approved by the Rides Director before it takes place.
A new ride (with accompanying map and cue sheet) must be approved in advance of its running by the Rides Director. The Rides Director will review the route to determine that it is new and not simply a minor reworking of an existing one. Cyclists may create and lead new rides without the Rides Director's approval. However, additional points will be awarded only if the Director approves the ride.

Point Values

  • 4–9 $10.00
  • 10–14 $20.00
  • 15–19 $30.00
  • 20–24 $40.00
  • 25–29 $50.00
  • 30–34 $60.00
  • 35–39 $70.00
  • 40–44 $80.00
  • 45–49 $90.00
  • 50–54 $100.00
  • 55–59 $110.00
  • 60 and up $120.00 (maximum award per year)

Uses for Voucher

Vouchers (which are as good as cash) may be redeemed at one of the bike shops or merchants printed on the voucher.

Security of Vouchers

We attempt to keep our vouchers, which are signed by the club's President and Treasurer, secure from duplication by including a watermark and printing on color card stock.